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15 Cheat code about life I know at 35. I wish I knew at 20

  1. It’s better to read a great book 10 times than 10 books once. 
  2. Set goals with deadlines, or else you won’t hit them. 
  3. Money in business is a by-product of getting results for your client. 
  4. You’ve got time to have fun but first focus on building yourself financially, physically and mentally. 
  5. 4 hours of deep work can make you achieve more than 8 hours of unfocused work. 
  6. 40 minutes of pain in the gym will do wonders for your mental health. 
  7. Alcohol has zero benefit. It only makes you poorer, dumber and fatter. 
  8. If you can pay it with money or time, opt for money and you’ll always be ahead in life. 
  9. You’re destined for disasters unless you take control over your life. 
  10. Fix yourself before you try to fix the world. 
  11. If you want to earn respect, just take on responsibility. 
  12. The less you care about people’s opinions, the more powerful you become.
  13. Most successful people aren’t smarter, they’re more consistent and disciplined than you. 
  14. Trading your time for money will enslave you forever. 
  15. Find a way to multiply yourself through other people. Use the money to buy their time.
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