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Welcome AckySHINE Services

We provide both online and offline services is various areas including; Web designing and development, English to Swahili Translation services, Dedications, Research Consultancy, Monitoring and evaluation, Training and facilitation, Advertising and marketing, Swahili Websites, eBook Shopping and eBook Library

NOTIFICATION: Please note that all online services are not available. Find more here

Training and Facilitation Subscriptions

Research, M&E and Training Consultation Services

Research Consultation

Research Consultation

We offer consultation services in Research, including research concept development, designing, data collection and processing and report writing.

We offer consultation services in M&E Planning, Process Evaluation and In Impact Evaluation. From Designing to dissemination of results

Monitoring and Evaluation Consultation

We offer consultation services in M&E Planning, Process Evaluation and In Impact Evaluation.

Training Consultation

We offer consultation services in Training and Facilitation. This include Training Planning, Session Plan and Management as well as Conduction of Training and facilitation session.

English to Swahili Translation Services

Short Text Translation

We translate Short texts from English to Kiswahili including messages, ads and banners. This comes with Text Usage Testing service.

Document Translation

We translate Documents from English to Kiswahili. This comes with document formatting service.

Webpage or Website Translation

We translate Webpage or website from English to Kiswahili. This comes with webpage editing and posting service.

Online or web based Services

eBook Shopping

This is an eBook shopping service aim at sharing of knowledge and skills through soft copy books.

SMS Nzuri za Mapenzi na Mahaba

AckySHINE Dedications

This is a special place for sending dedications to the person you love. Via WhatsApp and SMS

AckySHINE Library

Welcome AckySHINE Library where you can get unlimited Books. Feel Free to Download our Books.

Research Consultation

AckySHINE Kiswahili

This is Swahili multi-category website special designed for information, entertainment and motivation

Kanisa Katoliki La Roma

Swahili Catholic Website

This is a special Swahili website that aims to guide, inform and educate catholic followers about their Catholic faith.

AckySHINE Charity

AckySHINE Charity manage personal development and community development complains in Swahili

Advertise on AckySHINE Website

Display Ads

Show your ads on our website. Including banner, image & links.

Guest Post

Publish your posts on our website. Intergraded in post categories

Guest Post + Advertise

Publish posts on our website and show them on other pages.

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