AckySHINE Development Changelog

AckySHINE App developmentActiveJanuary 2021OngoingCreate Mobile application for AckySHINE
Full redesigningActiveNovember 2020OngoingMove to another platform
Change from content publisher web to service providerActiveJune 2018OngoingChange from blog to service provider website
Designing AckySHINE ShopCompletedFebruary 2017February 2017eBook Shop
Designing AckySHINE LibraryCompletedNovember 2016November 2017Pdf Library
English Website Content creationPendingAugust 2016May 2018Second Idea was Multilingual website
Swahili website Content creationPendingJanuary 2015May 2018First Idea was to create Swahili Blog
Website creationCompletedJanuary 2015January 2015This website was created on 7 Jan 2015, 18:41

Post Creation Notification

Because of unavoidable circumstances this website ( will not be updated starting from May 2018 till further notice.

No new post will be published. However you can only view/read old pages (public pages), which are pages created before May 2018 and shared to the public.

With thousands of old public pages, this website can still be useful and active to the public users.