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AckySHINE is a Platform that supports the provision of both Online and Offline Services.

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The aim of this website is to inform, educate and entertain our users. All content is created designed and published with that aim. The main purpose of this website is not selling of content but sharing content. If you have any problem with content, please contact us.

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AckySHINE Services

AckySHINE Dedications – Pending Online Service
This is a special place for sending dedications to the person you love. Via WhatsApp and SMS.
AckySHINE Shop – Pending Online Service
This is a Digital shopping service aim at sharing of knowledge and skills through soft copy books.
AckySHINE Library – Pending Online Service
Welcome AckySHINE Library where you can get unlimited Books. Feel Free to Download our Books.
English Website – Pending Online Service
This is English multi-category website special designed for information, entertainment and motivation
Swahili Catholic Website (Website Kwa Wakatoliki) – Pending Online Service
This is a special Swahili website that aims to guide, inform and educate catholic followers about their Catholic faith.
Swahili website – Pending Online Service
This is Swahili multi-category website special designed for information, entertainment and motivation
Advertising and marketing – Active Online Service
We Display banner, image & links on our website. For ads we offer free translation (English to Swahili), free Landing page, you can embed forms on your landing page and embed HTML Codes.
You can also publish your posts on our website with unlimited words, unlimited pictures, unlimited videos and free translation service. Your posts will be intergraded in post categories.


NOTIFICATION: Please note that all online services are pending. Creation of New posts ceased, you can still enjoy our old posts. Find more here

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